10.1 — Listen, Seek, See

Pharmacology and the Future for Schizophrenia

by Olivia Lanza, Biology

El mal de Chagas: una perspectiva histórica y la urgencia de financiar las vacunas para lucharlo

by David Burke, Romance Languages

Baroque Women in Marble as Intimate or Intricate: Comparing Bernini’s Portrait of Costanza Bonarelli to Algardi’s Bust of Maria Cerri Capranica

by Gabriela Diaz-Jones, Art History

DNA collected from Incan ritual human sacrifices reveals traces of stimulants and hallucinogenic drugs

by Hailey Farrar, Anthropology

Airpods, Everyday Aesthetics, and Subjective Well-Being

by Jonas Andrulonis, Philosophy

There Was Gesticulated? What Norwegian Passives Inform Us about Meaning and Structure

by Jill McLendon, Linguistics

An Anthropological Analysis of Violent Conflict Across Neolithic Europe

by Leonardo Umberger, Anthropology

“A Picture is Worth a Thousand Theories”:  The Importance of Minoan Iconography

by Danielle Kirby, Anthropology