Editorial Board


Dr. Lindsey Harding, editor-in-chief and faculty advisor

Lindsey is the Director of the Writing Intensive Program at the University of Georgia. Her research and writing interests include composition and rhetoric, creative writing, and digital humanities. Her critical writing can be found in Teaching English in the Two-Year College and Harlot. Her flash fiction and stories have appeared in Spry, Soundings Review, Prick of the Spindle, The Boiler, and others. She lives in Athens, Georgia, with her husband and four children. 

Callie Oldfield, lead managing editor for Fall 2020

Callie is a PhD student in the Department of Plant Biology. Her research concerns forest dynamics and response to disturbance in the eastern United States. She has published scientific articles on floristics, invasive species, and plant ecology, and she is also interested in urban sustainability and conservation. Callie is working towards an Interdisciplinary Graduate Certificate in University Teaching. In her downtime, she enjoys playing with her cats, drawing, and volunteering at a local middle school.

Mona Asadi Namin, reviewer

Mona is a physics graduate student in the physics and astronomy department. Her research focuses on energy management, specifically carbon dioxide degradation, as well as photo refractive properties of crystals. She received her bachelor degree in physics from Amirkabir University of Technology from Tehran, Iran and came to U.S. for her P.h.D degree in 2017. One of her greatest joys is teaching and and she has more than 3 years experience in teaching physics lab. She contributes to the classic journal as a reviewer this semester. Beside physics, she loves team sports, specially volleyball and received her volleyball coaching certificate from women sports organization back in Iran.

Evelyn Saavedra Autry, reviewer, Spanish

Evelyn Saavedra Autry is a Ph.D. Candidate in Hispanic Studies at the University of Georgia. She has been awarded the Tinker Field Research Award, Nina Hellerstein fund Award, Graduate School Dean’s Award for Arts & Humanities, among others. Several of her scholarly articles are under consideration for publishing as of 2019. Her dissertation project “Indigenous Female Subjectivities and Andean Voices in Contemporary Cultural Productions of the Peruvian Internal Armed Conflict (1980-2000)”, examines representations of indigenous female figures in cultural productions. By employing decolonial approaches and testimonial studies, her project contributes to understanding systematic oppression of indigenous women. She also focuses on indigenous feminism, trauma and memory studies, indigenous popular art, latinx studies, among others.

Matthew Burkhalter, reviewer

A presidential graduate fellow at UGA, Matthew Burkhalter studies the political, intellectual, and environmental history of the modern U.S. South. He received his B.A. from Sewanee: the University of the South and his M.A. from Florida State University. He served as Aiken-Taylor intern and copy editor at the Sewanee Review for a year after college.

Abigail Calixto, managing editor

Abby is a PhD student in the Department of Microbiology. Her research focuses on calcium signaling in the apicomplexan parasite, Toxoplasma gondii. She received her bachelor’s degree from a small liberal arts college in New Jersey, where her interest in science began. During graduate school, Abby’s involvement in student advocacy efforts and peer mentoring has led her to pursue a career in science policy. She hopes that her experience with the The Classic Journal will help cultivate and refine her writing skills, while simultaneously helping others do the same.  

James Campbell, managing editor

James is a first-year MA student in Comparative Literature, with a focus on East Asian literature.  His research areas include Japanese Catholic novelists of the 20th century, as well as the development of the idea of progress in Post-Meiji Japan.  He formerly served as Associate Editor of The Young Ummah for three years and spent time teaching English in Japan.

Sabrina Elizabeth Cline, managing editor

Sabrina is a second-year graduate student in the Department of Cellular Biology at the University of Georgia. Her research in the Docampo Laboratory focuses on the elucidation of a protein in the inositol pyrophosphate pathway of Trypanosoma cruzi. During her undergraduate studies, she published a scientific article which unveiled RNA as a druggable target for small molecule therapeutics (DOI: 10.1016/j.bmc.2019.03.057). She formerly served as the Business Manager of Seed Literary Magazine for two years.  

Dr. James B. Deemy, managing editor, sciences

James is an Assistant Professor and Program Coordinator for the Environmental Sciences major at the College of Coastal Georgia. He recieved his PhD in Water Resources through the Warnell School of Forest Resources at the University of Georgia in August 2017. His dissertation research focused on storm flow water quality / quantity. James also completed the Interdisciplinary Graduate Certificate in University Teaching during his time at UGA. His current teaching includes introductory courses in geology and environmental sciences as well as upper division courses in ocean sciences and water resources. His current research interests focus on assessment of water resources using mathematical and statistical techniques. On the best of days James can be found teaching field courses on Sapelo Island and in the mountains of Georgia.

Ashley Earley, managing editor, sciences

Ashley is a fourth-year PhD student in the department of Plant Biology. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Biology from Washington University in St. Louis in 2015. Her research is focused on variation in leaf anatomy across cultivated sunflower and investigating the genetic basis of these traits.

Austin Heil, managing editor

Austin is a first-year PhD student in the Science Education department. He received his B.S. in Biology and his M.S. in Oceanography from Florida State University. Currently, his research interests focus on informal marine science education and community-based learning in coastal areas. Austin will be a TA for the Ecology department in the Fall of 2020 and is planning to start working towards an Interdisciplinary Certificate in University Teaching.

Savannah Jensen, copy editor

Savannah Jensen is a PhD student in the English Department at the University of Georgia. Currently, she serves as an instructor of record for first year writing classes and as a consultant at the UGA Writing Center. Her research focuses on Renaissance literature with a particular interest in the representation of ghosts and how they haunt political and social life. She received her BA and MA from Florida Gulf Coast University. 

Leda Lozier, managing editor

Emma Catherine Perry, reviewer

Emma Catherine Perry is a fourth-year doctoral student in the English department. She has a BA in art history from Kenyon College and an MFA in poetry from Cornell University. At the University of Georgia, Emma serves as instructor of record for both critical and creative writing classes and as the assistant director of the UGA Writing Center. Her critical research explores the implications of artificial intelligence for posthuman rhetorics, and she writes poetry and creative nonfiction.

Heather Rosen, managing editor

Heather Rosen (McDonald) is a Doctoral Candidate in sociology. Her work lies at the intersection of medicine, disability, and conflict. She aims to investigate the mechanisms linking medical power with the reproduction of structural inequality. Her current research highlights the importance of partisan third-party behavior in conflict. She teaches courses in Medical Sociology, Social Problems, Deviance and Social Control, and Sociology of Drug and Alcohol Use. She has previously worked as a teaching assistant for the Franklin College Writing Intensive Program at the University of Georgia.

Timeko McFadden, reviewer

Timeko McFadden is a doctoral candidate in Hispanic Studies in the Romance Languages Department. She teaches Spanish language courses as well as SPAN 2550: Introduction to Latino Literature. She also serves as a writing coach for the writing intensive program and is a council member for the Graduate Student Association (GSA). A graduate of the Women’s Studies certificate program, her research interests include feminist and critical race theory, the performance of latinidad in the South, Latinx women’s writing and food ways in literature. Outside of her studies, she can’t seem to survive without music and sci-fi. Having worked as a certified chef for 8 years in upstate SC, she also requires the occasional hike to balance out her love of pastries and mofongo.

Mia Rochford, managing editor, sciences

Mia is a Ph.D. student in the Plant Biology department. Her research interests include conservation ecology and environmental change. Currently, I am developing a project that will hopefully uncover the causes and consequences of rarity in natural plant populations. She aspires to study and help preserve the earth’s biodiversity through her research. Read Mia’s interview here.


Meltem Safak, managing editor

Amairini Sanchez, managing editor

Margot Popecki, copy editor

Chris Pfeifer, managing editor

Rebecca Klee, managing editor, sciences

Caroline Karnatz, reviewer

Nara Kim, reviewer

Jordan Dopp, copy editor

Cristhian Camilo Alfonso, reviewer, Spanish

Nicole Lynn-Bell, managing editor, sciences

Patrick Smallwood, managing editor, sciences

Sandra McGury, founding and managing editor

Josh Bedford, founding and managing editor

Matthew A. Bloodgood, reviewer

Alisha M. Cromwell, founding and managing editor

Nicole Gallucci, managing editor

Sabnam Ghosh, managing editor

Suzanne Jurado, copy editor

A. Kelly Lane, managing editor, sciences

Alison Redman, managing editor, humanities

Joe Seale, copy editor

Karen Sesterhenn, copy editor

Lydia Stuver, undergraduate intern