Meet the Writers

Learn more about the UGA undergraduate students whose work has been published in The Classic Journal.

Meet Chloe.

“When I find something I am really passionate about in writing, then I feel motivated to not only do my work, but to do it well, and that’s the best feeling.”

Meet Ryan.

“I enjoy the escape that writing provides and the ability it gives to elaborate upon my thoughts.” 

Meet Michael.

“For me, writing is the perfect combination of creativity and analysis.” 

Meet Alpha.

“I love learning about something new as I am writing (or before I begin), and it motivates me to fluently convey what I learned and what steps I took along the way.”

Meet Drew.

“I think that writing helps us ground our thoughts in a way that we aren’t always aware of. In our everyday lives, we can have a very strong understanding of an idea or concept, but putting that understanding on paper is a whole other process, and I think that doing so helps us have a more holistic perspective of understanding once it has been written down.”

Meet Rosie.

“Writing, at least for me, is a really fantastic way to understand what my brain is honestly thinking. Sometimes I feel like my thoughts come and go faster than I can understand, and writing—casually and academically—helps me ‘keep up.'”

Meet Jacob.

“Writing has challenged me to think of creative yet effective ways to reach large audiences and in a way that personally connects or relates to each individual.”

Meet Skyler.

“I think the value of writing is not only that we can express our ideas and thoughts to people who may read it centuries later, but also that we can easily organize our ideas and thoughts which may often be disorganized in our minds.”