­­­A Framed View: The Chronology and Syncretic Architecture of Nabataean Monuments

by Julia Mun, Art History

Bite-sized Bali: Grown in Genocide, Consumed by Capitalism

by Anna Brachey, Anthropology

The Bodily Catch-22: Body Horror, Beauty, and Transmutation through Cosmetic Surgery and Body Modification

by Joshua Williams, Women’s Studies

Conglobation of Armadillidium vulgare as a Behavioral Adaptation for Thermoregulation

by Adele Bloodworth, Biology

Corporeal Expressions of Internal Narratives: Mughal Women and Rembrandt’s Flora

by Julia Mun, Art History

Eat, Pray, Love – A Self-Help Guide for the Colonialist Neoliberal

by Madison Werner, Women’s Studies

The Effect of Macromolecules on the Movement of the American Cockroach, Periplaneta americana

by Nicole Steel, Biology

Evaluating Antinomianism in Jodo Shu Buddhism

by Abigail Clark, Religion

Exploring Systems of Racial Oppression in the Works of J. Cole and Esi Edugyan

by Emma Holleman Jones, Comparative Literature

Isadora Duncan as Spiritual Body and Revolutionary Motion in the Works of John Sloan and Abraham Walkowitz

by Lacy Hamilton, Art History

Parallelism in Language: A Cross-Linguistic Analysis of English and Indonesian

by Michael Wolfman, Linguistics

Rousseau and Rawls on Legitimacy and Justice

by Grace Kiersznowski, Philosophy

The Social and Political Consequences of the Great Fire of London

by Kurt List, History

Spain’s Lesson in Hubris: Tracing Spain’s Financial Collapse to the Beginning of its New World Empire

by Ryan Miller, History

The Weird Replacement of Men in Lisa Tuttle’s “Replacements”

by Sophie Holley, English

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