Meet Nara Kim

Reviewer, 2019

What topics do you enjoy writing about?

I enjoy writing about topics related to cultural diversity.

Are you working on a current writing project? If yes, what is it?

I am writing about teachers’ perceptions of global inclusion, diversity, social justice, and implementing those perspectives in their curriculum and pedagogy.

In your opinion, what is the value of writing? Why do you write?

My value is communication with others about my thoughts and ideas. Also, I hope my writing can help someone who faces marginalization within dominant groups of society.

What has working on The Classic Journal meant to you?

It means great opportunity to meet diverse people in a variety of disciplines.

Describe your experience working with undergraduate students. What does that relationship look like to you? What have you learned? What have you taught?

I have been a teaching assistant for a large class of art appreciation for several years and I taught an intro level of art education during the last year. As a TA and instructor, my role should relate to evaluating their performances and assignments in class activities, but I’ve also been trying to find more approachable resources for them. Through these interaction with undergraduate students, I’ve learned that they have many different levels of lived experiences and learning backgrounds.

What would you like for undergraduate students to know about the publishing process?

It takes time and many drafts. However, I hope they know that publishing is a valuable experience for them for their future even though the process is a long way to go.

Name one writing tip you believe more people need to employ.

Time away from writing can be refreshing because it allows you to view your paper in a different mindset.