Beats & Bodies

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Auslautverhärtung: They Sound the Same to Me

—Claire Lutrick · Linguistics

Danzón de Cuba: Music and Dancing

—Katherine MacManus, Sam Tate, & Malik Henry · Music

Plena: A Music of the Puerto Rican People

—Kaito Nagashima, Matthew Bellury, & Trevon Johnson · Music

picture of hands clapping

Saudi Arabian Women, The Law, and Moral Time

—Maria-Jose Malaver · Sociology

Hektor’s Changing Motivations: Individual Interests, Societal Interests, and the Heroic Ethic in Iliadic Decision-making

—Steven Tammen · Classics

De-Sexing the Male Body: An Examination of Genderless Form and Space in the Work of Troye Sivan

—Laura Woodliff · Women’s Studies

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