Here’s what students published in The Classic have to say about . . .

The Overall Experience —

“The experience was a very positive one. I learned a lot about the publication process as well as my own writing. The editors were always professional and very kind in helping me navigate the process of getting published for the first time.”

“Hours of hard work was put into editing our article. It was difficult to balance that extra work with school, but in the end it was worth it to see our writing published.”

“Great experience overall. I learned a lot through this process.”

The Feedback —

“The editors provided clear and beneficial feedback that improved the effectiveness of my writing.”

“The feedback was very helpful in getting me to evaluate my writing as a published work instead of just a paper for a class. The feedback was direct and constructive, and helped me see patterns of ambiguity in my writing that went unnoticed before.”

“All feedback was polite and constructive. Sometimes we had difficulty interpreting what the editors wanted but continued to work through problems with them just as they did with us.”

Their Favorite Part —

“Seeing the quality of my paper and its arguments improving substantially as a result.”

“My favorite part was having the opportunity to receive feedback on my writing.”

“I think my favorite part was hearing feedback from family and friends after the publication of the work. For many of them, this was their first time reading the writing that my college career was based on, and it was interesting to hear their opinion and also very productive to hear the questions about the paper’s historical subject as well as suggestions for my writing.”

“Learning what it really takes to become a published scientist.”