8.2, Table of Contents

“It’s a Social Thing That Brings Us Together”: A Qualitative Study of Peer Influence and Substance Use in College

by Ethan Korn, Department of Sociology

Sexual Trauma in Black Diaspora Literature: Working through Collective Memory and Raising Awareness

by Natasha Dörr-Kapczynski, Department of Comparative Literature

An Analysis of the United States National WWII Memorial

by Sydney Thornton, Department of Anthropology, Department of Comparative Literature and Intercultural Studies, and the Office of Sustainability 

Examining the Impacts of COVID-19 on Child Development

by Kat Tanaka, Department of Psychology

Transcarceration and Houselessness in Athens

by Casey Serrano, Department of Geography

A Modulation of a Different Kind: How Songs in the Key of Life Redefined the Canon

by Matthew Motley, Department of Musicology and Ethnomusicology

Mommy, Me, and We: Why Black Mothers Have Turned to Doulas

by Janessa Harris, Institute of Women’s Studies 

A Home for Fear: Barbarian and the Horror of Male Privilege

by Meredith Eget, Departments of English, Spanish, and Women’s Studies

Drug Policy on New Psychotropic Substances (NPS) in the United States of America and the European Union

by Mallory Plunkett, College of Public Health

Majolica ware in the Italian Renaissance and Nicola Da Urbino’s Gonzaga Service

by Nyala Honda, Ceramics Department

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