Meet Jacob

Jacob Mewborn
UGA Undergraduate Student

What is your writing process?

I think my writing process is fairly simple to be honest. After collecting the majority of my research into one concise document, I find similarities between the relevant citations to see how the different texts can possibly “talk” with one another in paragraph form. I like to think of my writing as the different sources being in dialogue with one another with my own commentary sprinkled in there. From there, I find common themes or topics that can be formed into paragraphs, and then you have a paper!

What do you enjoy about writing?

Over the past few years, I have found myself to be rather quiet in group settings, so I use writing as a way to express myself in an educated manner to a large audience without sounding too cliché. I feel most confident when writing since I feel like I have gathered the most evidence related to my argument and can synthesize it into one document.

Based on your experience, what is the value of writing? Generally and in your classes?

Writing has challenged me to think of creative yet effective ways to reach large audiences and in a way that personally connects or relates to each individual. Having studied various cultures, personality types, and viewpoints throughout my undergraduate experience, it’s extremely difficult to convince a large population to all agree with one idea. This challenge excites me, and it encourages me to continue finding commonalities or ways of expression that the majority of those reading can understand and agree in a way that brings us together rather than divide.

What does getting published in The Classic Journal mean to you?

It’s absolutely unreal to be published in The Classic Journal. To me, being published symbolizes that people actually want to read my writing and feel that it is important enough to share with others. Rather than simply receive a grade for a paper or discussion post, publication represents a “grade” outside of the classroom, and it signifies my pride in my work as an academic, student, and overall person.

What have you learned? How have you grown as a writer?

Through this process, I have learned the value of peer-editing and review. While proud of my writing, I have come to value the opinions and guidance of others that might reveal places where I lack clarity or connection within my writing. With this concept in mind, I have become more aware of my audience’s perception of my writing during the actual process to help enhance my own writing.

What would you like for other undergraduate students to know about publishing their work in The Classic?

If you ever feel even an ounce of pride in your work and feel like your writing has true meaning and value to our society, SUBMIT IT! Even if rejected, putting yourself out there and receiving feedback is invaluable for you in the future as a student. I would have never expected to be published in my undergraduate studies, so if you have a passion that you believe someone else needs to witness, go for it! It truly is less scary and intimidating then it is made out to be.

What’s up next for you writing-wise, school-wise, down the road?

As I get ready to graduate in Spring 2021, I am looking for job opportunities in a limited workplace due to the pandemic. While my academic career seems to be coming to a close, I plan to pursue a graduate degree eventually once established in my career and have a specific research interest that will guide my studies and make my degree more personal. However, the world of rhetoric and the effects it holds on our everyday lives is still a passion of mine that I’ll continue to study and hopefully write about to raise awareness about its influence in our lives.