6.2 Contributors’ Notes

6.2 Contributors’ Notes

Isabelle Garcia has an intended major in psychology with a focus on a pre-medicine track; she was able to take Honors Art History for a fine arts/philosophy credit. Standing out against the endless number of class choices, the course caught her attention due to its vast curriculum. In recent years, Isabelle has viewed a number of artistic and architectural works—such as St. Peter’s Basilica and The Pieta in Rome, Italy—and found it to be extremely humbling to learn about these pieces’ purposes through the eyes of their artists. Even more so, learning about these artworks in class after having witnessed them first-hand made the course even more intriguing.

Grace Gerely is a fourth-year English and women’s studies double major, with minors in theatre and music. She spends much of her time fantasizing about fictional characters and imagining all of the things she could be writing if she simply got out of bed. Grace is a lover of music and collector of books she has yet to read. Upon meeting you, she will ask for your birth chart, but, fear not, it’s only because she’s fascinated by people and what makes them tick. Grace is also a fierce believer in the dismantling of every norm and every societal structure (feel free to ask her thoughts on sex education specifically). She will not be able to stop talking without the magic word (which she won’t tell you). 

Marianna Hiles is a third-year English and women’s studies double major with a minor in French. Her interdisciplinary interests have led her down several lengthy but fulfilling academic rabbit holes and brought her to a crossroads about the direction in which she should concentrate her future studies. Regardless of where the trajectory of life takes her, she aspires to spread curiosity, skepticism, and a healthy dose of flowery language through her writing and other creative pursuits.

Emma Holleman Jones is a third-year student in the Honors Program at the University of Georgia. She is majoring in Spanish and psychology with an emphasis in neuroscience, while pursuing a certificate in interdisciplinary writing. After graduation she plans to work in the public sector, likely obtaining an MPA, MPH, or associated master’s degree. She is currently the co-president for a non-profit organization on campus called MEDLIFE at UGA, and in her free time she enjoys playing for the women’s club ultimate frisbee team.

Megan Hong is a first-year cellular biology major at the University of Georgia. As a student researcher at the Emory Winship Cancer Institute over the summer, she developed a growing interest in psychiatric oncology, which she continued to learn more about in her Science and Health Writing course this past fall. Megan’s other academic interests lie in the intersection of medicine, law, and ethics, specifically on the policymaking side of healthcare. She dreams of pursuing a career that involves a widespread and in-depth knowledge and passion in both science and the humanities. Outside of the classroom, Megan spends a considerable amount of time working in the lab, where she researches population genomics in an experimental and computational manner, engaging in the UGA Model United Nations team, and writing open narratives about her experiences and aspirations.

Anya Jaye Lesser is a fourth-year undergraduate student at the University of Georgia Franklin College of Arts and Sciences. She is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in anthropology with minors in ecology and criminal justice. She is especially interested in social justice and reform within the criminal justice system. She plans on going to law school and pursuing a career in civil rights law.

Hannah Namgoong is a first-year student at the University of Georgia, currently majoring in biology and minoring in studio art.

Roberto Ortiz (he/him) is a third-year studying sociology, women’s studies, and music at the University of Georgia. Roberto is primarily interested in researching the relationship between marginalized individuals and incarceration system, particularly how it functions to maintain the current systems of power within the United States. After completing his bachelor’s degrees, Roberto intends to pursue a PhD in ethnic studies to prepare for a career in academia, while continuing the fight for equity as a scholar-activist.

Kaitlyn Page is a third-year English major and art history minor from Richmond Hill, Georgia. She has an interest in interdisciplinary work between English and art history and hopes to continue incorporating the two in future research projects.

Abigail Roegner is a student at the University of Georgia majoring in animal health. After completing her undergraduate degree, she plans to attend veterinary school and pursue a doctorate in veterinary medicine. Abigail has always loved every moment she can spend with animals. She grew up in rural Iowa with all sorts of critters and four younger siblings (who sometimes seemed like critters too)! In her career, Abigail aspires to care for the well-being of animals and their owners because she knows how important this relationship is. When she isn’t studying, Abigail likes to enjoy nature, read, bake, and eat the results!

Srija Sengupta is a second-year student at UGA’s College of Arts and Sciences. She is studying genetics with a pre-medicine intent. She is interested in the genetics of evolution and symbiotic relationship development.

Sasha Severtson is an undergraduate pursuing a B.S in statistics and minor in computer science at the University of Georgia. His main interest in these areas is their great potential and interconnectivity with almost every aspect of life on all levels. More specifically, he recognizes that data and logic are two of the most fundamental building blocks of the natural and man-made world and accordingly believes studying both can allow him to explore a variety of other fields and opportunities. This has led him to applying his knowledge of statistics and computer science to personal interests and hobbies. He has paired his media editorials with data analysis, performed data-based reports on election outcomes and fairness, and generally incorporates the heuristics and approaches of such objective fields with the humanities.

Charlotte Taylor is a freshman at the University of Georgia Honors Program pursuing a degree in art history and biology. Born in Atlanta, GA, she has always enjoyed visits to the High Museum of Art and now enjoys the opportunity to volunteer as a docent at the Georgia Museum of Art in Athens, GA. During her time at UGA, she is also involved in UGA Miracle, Doctors Without Borders, and YoungLife.