Llorando, My Experience with Counter-Storytelling 

by Sofia Castresana 

map of Americas

Counter-storytelling is the practice of going against majoritarian stories that essentialize different cultures and promote harmful stereotypes of minority groups. This zine reflects on my experience with counter-storytelling as I explore how horror movie depictions of the Latin American legend La Llorona promote harmful stereotypes of Indigenous women and how counter-storytelling can be used to fight against similar practices. While counter-storytelling may seem difficult, it is something that everyone can do with a little bit more effort and time. 

counter-storytelling, research methodology, Indigenous women, horror movies 


Thank you, Professor Crespo, for being an amazing teacher and allowing the class to be passionate about feminist research. You always made learning fun and accessible, and it motivated me so much during this project. My last thank you is to my entire WMST 4011W class because you created such a welcoming and friendly environment where I was unafraid to ask questions and be myself. The encouragement you all shared is priceless.