Meet Ryan

Ryan Miller
UGA Undergraduate Student
Chemistry & History

What is your writing process?

The first step is devising a topic and plan of action upon that topic mentally. Once I am comfortable that I understand the direction I intend on going, I create an outline so that I can maintain that direction. When I have enough time, I will sit down and just write out as much as I possibly can at one time because I feel this makes my writing more organic and flow together more effectively. I will later go back and proofread as small errors are easy to make when I string things together so fast.

What do you enjoy about writing? 

I enjoy the escape that writing provides and the ability it gives to elaborate upon my thoughts. Even with essays on assigned topics, writing allows you to tackle the task in a completely unique way that reflects your own life, experiences, and beliefs. Writing also gives you the ability to make the reader see it how you see it, and reading others’ writing allows you to change those positions to see through that author’s eyes. For more free writing, I feel that I break away from the normal flow of life and become the words that I am writing. It is a wonderful hobby that always calms me and allows me to discover more about myself and the content I am producing as if it was not my own. Regardless of the reasoning, I feel that writing allows me to best express and represent myself in a manner that can be shared easily with others.

Based on your experience, what is the value of writing? Generally and in your classes? 

Writing is necessary in every aspect of intellectual and general life. Writing is necessary to completing assignments that are specific for writing, but I also use it as a means of capping off independent and group research to present findings and make an argument. In general life, we are constantly affected by writing. Of course, any book or article that is read is a product of writing, but also the news and even emails require apt writing, as well. Sending professional emails and constructing professional resumes both require a strong writing ability. Writing is needed and seen in all walks of life, so a strong background in it is important to truly anyone.

What does getting published in The Classic Journal mean to you? 

Getting published in The Classic Journal is an amazing opportunity for me to have a piece of my writing be accessible to numerous others that would not have read it otherwise. It is also an honor to be recognized for having exceptional work that is worthy of being featured in such a journal. The recognition an opportunity give me confidence as I move forward to my next steps in the intellectual realm.

What have you learned? How have you grown as a writer?

The review and resubmission process helped me greatly in realizing the improvements that I could make in my writing. Beyond the simple proofreading, the reviewers pointed out some strategies that I have since employed in my class writing. I feel that I am better able to approach my history writing especially. I specifically had an issue of using passive language inappropriately, and from this experience, I am better able to work around this issue and still be effective with my content.

What would you like for other undergraduate students to know about publishing their work in The Classic

I would absolutely recommend that they do so for the experience alone. I feel that preparing and submitting the paper as well as the entire review process gave valuable intuition into what that experience would be like for journals down the road. This is a unique chance offered to undergraduates to really experience a professional process that will pay off greatly down the road. It also is an opportunity for exposure and recognition for one’s work.

What’s up next for you writing-wise, school-wise, down the road?

My nearest future will involve completing my B.S. in Chemistry and A.B. in History as well as an M.P.A. in Public Administration through the Double Dawgs Program. I also will continue to creatively write in my spare time alongside my schooling and hopefully self-publish more books from this. I plan on doing research myself and crafting meaningful articles and possibly even books for traditional journals and publishers, as well. My ultimate goal is to work in the public sector with the government, within it or with it, so this may involve pursuing a Ph.D. and/or J.D. as well.