Please send all submissions to

Include completed submission form in the body of the email.

for Classic Features:

  • Please submit Classic Features as Word Docs or text files.
  • Classic Features should range between 1500 and 3000 words. For science submissions, see the addendum below.

for Classic Reviews:

  • Please submit Classic Reviews as Word Docs or text files.
  • Classic Reviews should range between 700 and 1000 words.

for Classic Alternatives:

  • Classic Alternatives may be submitted as a various number of files such as PDF, PNG, JPEG etc. If a specific software is required to view your work, please contact us at


  • Each student is allowed to submit one project for each category.
  • Submissions are restricted to projects that are completed as part of a current or former WIP or upper-level writing-intensive (“W”) course.
  • Students are encouraged to include photographs, images, and other media to accompany their work. It is the student’s responsibility to obtain necessary copyrights for all accompanying pieces.
  • The board of editors of The Classic will review and provide feedback on all submissions.
  • Students will be required to sign a Publication Agreement Statement.
  • Submissions will be open for Volume 2.2 from April 15, 2017 until June 15, 2017.


Because of the nature of scientific writing, feature articles concerning scientific topics have different expectations for submission. There are a few sections that are expected of a scientific publication that are not always expected in other disciplines. In order to make the submission and review process as reflective of submitting to an international journal, we request that you include these sections in your scientific submissions.

If you are submitting a non-features article, please use your best judgement as to which of these elements should be included in your non-traditional submission and provide a rationale in the following comment areas as to why you believe a certain section is not required.

Abstract: The abstract should summarize the why and how of your investigation as well as provide the reader with the primary result. This should be written as a single paragraph of no more than 200 words.

Acknowledgements: This section should provide acknowledgement to anyone who assisted with the investigation or the writing of the paper. This could include members of the Writing Center as well as the TA, GLA, or professor for the class. This should not be used as a dedication of the work.

Contributions: If there are multiple authors you should BRIEFLY describe here what each author was responsible for and refer to each author by his/her initials.

References: In text citations and references should be done following the style used in Nature as described here.

Figures and Tables: Figures and Tables must have numbers, titles, and figure legends. The legend is a caption that is detailed enough that the reader can understand the figure without reading the main text. Figures and Tables should be numbered separately. (e.g. If you have used two figures in your text thus far and are inserting your first table that table should be Table 1.)