Meet Rosie

Rosie Albenice
UGA Undergraduate Student
English and Economics

What is your writing process?

It really depends on what I’m writing. I’ll often just write things I think of casually if it’s something creative. For academic writing, I always start by throwing all necessary quotes, citations, and thoughts on a page or Word document. From there, I really try to organize my thoughts into a very rough draft, but I often wind up needing to have another go at that. Academically, I almost always wind up writing something different than what I initially set out to do.

What do you enjoy about writing?

Creatively, I really just love getting my thoughts out of my head and trying to develop an idea or thought that I randomly had. I like writing about anything that I have or am experiencing: a flower, a significant life event, the way someone smiles. Academically, I really love to have a source-heavy paper full of people much smarter than me. My favorite academic papers to write are ones where I read a ton about a specific subject and get to implement that knowledge.

Based on your experience, what is the value of writing? Generally and in your classes?

Writing, at least for me, is a really fantastic way to understand what my brain is honestly thinking. Sometimes I feel like my thoughts come and go faster than I can understand, and writing—casually and academically—helps me “keep up”.

What does getting published in The Classic Journal mean to you?

Getting published is a huge deal to me. I’ve always wanted to be a published writer. Since I was in first grade, I’ve looked up to authors and academics that have shaped my life. To me, being published is more than my work being read. It’s like joining, in a very small way, all of the incredibly brilliant minds I have always adored. 

What have you learned? How have you grown as a writer?

In college, I feel like I write casually or creatively a lot less. In high school, I was constantly writing ideas, stories, poems, etc. that came to my mind. But in the same instance, I wasn’t writing nearly as much academic work. In contrast, now I use writing to puzzle together classic writers and understand the world outside of my own personal experiences. In this essay, specifically, I think I am leaning more towards my current self than I ever could have 3 or 4 years ago. But again, who is to say I won’t feel the exact same way about my writing in another few years. Hopefully, I do.

What would you like for other undergraduate students to know about publishing their work in The Classic?

It’s an excellent experience. I never would have thought that I would have been chosen—I honestly submitted my essay out of random curiosity. I had no expectation of a response. Don’t just pass it up because you don’t think you’re “good enough”.

What’s up next for you writing-wise, school-wise, down the road?

Writing-wise, I’ll continue to keep writing creatively and academically when I can. I’ve been trying to write casually again and hope to one day publish more works if I can. I’m also an Economics major, so my writing is really shifting towards that avenue right now as I apply for graduate school. I will definitely continue to look up to the writers who have influenced me since day one, even if I have to add economists to my list of favorites.