Contributor Notes 3.1 – Special Issue

Anna Brachey is a third-year undergraduate student majoring in Anthropology and Biology at the University of Georgia.

Jacob Euster is a junior at the University of Georgia, where he studies history and anthropology with a concentration in archaeology. Jacob transferred to UGA as a sophomore from Georgia College and State University to pursue archaeological studies. He is interested in biblical as well as Holocaust archaeology and enjoys studying Appalachian history. Jacob is active in his fraternity, Tau Epsilon Phi, and you will find Jacob playing his guitars and mandolin in his free time.

Catherine Fain is currently an undergraduate history and anthropology double-major at the University of Georgia. She is also pursuing a certificate in the archaeological sciences. She enjoys spending time with her friends and taking care of her dog, Sammy. Ms. Fain hopes to pursue post-graduate education in museum curation and conservation science.

Kristie Le is an undergraduate student majoring in Anthropology and minoring in cognitive science at the University of Georgia.

Hannah Martin is a senior Theatre and Anthropology major at the
University of Georgia.

Kay McKenna is in her last semester at the University of Georgia. She will be receiving her undergraduate degree in anthropology with an Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Certificate in Archaeological Sciences and a certificate in Geographic Information Science. This is her second bachelor’s degree in her quest to answer the question of why people do the things they do. Her first degree in Philosophy taught her the art of asking questions, but her degree in anthropology has helped her to find more of the answers. Her immediate plans upon graduation are to obtain work as an archaeologist in the Cultural Resource Management field to obtain experience before attending graduate school.

Catharine Nienaber is an undergraduate student at the University of Georgia (UGA). She is studying for both an Anthropology and Sociology degree. She is a member of the Society for Georgia Archaeology, and she also participated in the Interdisciplinary Field Program (IFP) in 2018. Her research interests are in the direction of bioarcheology and forensic anthropology, but she is also interested in cultural anthropology, particularly how culture shapes the human skeleton. For her region of study choice, she is fascinated with the rich history of ethnic groups in southern Africa. She has written many essays; however, this is her first published article in the academic journal The Classic.

Andrew Nguyen is a third year undergraduate student at the University of Georgia. He is studying Anthropology and Physical Biology with an intent on Pre-Med post-grad. Currently, Andrew is furthering his Emergency Medical Technician license at Grady Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia while completing requirements for medical school in Athens, Georgia. Ultimately, while his goal is to obtain a doctorate of medicine, Andrew still has interests in the interdisciplinary fields of medical and biological Anthropology. This will be his first published article.

Helen Pearson is a fourth-year student at the University of Georgia. She is double majoring in history and anthropology with a minor in classical culture and a certificate in archaeological sciences. She is graduating in December and planning to go to graduate school for museum studies.

Morgan Phillips spent two years at the University of North Georgia before transferring to the University of Georgia to finish her anthropology degree. While at UGA, she added a history minor. Throughout her time at school, she has developed a keen interest in the study of warfare. This involves studying warfare from a military, historical, societal, personal, and humanistic standpoint. She is also interested in such topics as journalism, military history, women as leaders, and poetry. Currently, she is close to finishing her degree in anthropology and will start a journalism major afterwards. When not in class, she works at the UGA Laboratory of Archaeology and spends her time reading, researching topics of interest, and writing poetry.

Grant Sherwood is a third-year Political Science and Anthropology Major with a focus in archaeology. Grant began his interest in bioarchaeology following instruction from Dr. Laurie Reitsema, which peaked his interest in the field. He is currently an Intern at the Georgia Museum of Natural History, where he works in the Quaternary Sciences Lab, where he assists in environmental reconstruction through faunal, plant, and human stable isotope data. In the future, Grant aims to attend graduate school and work as an Archaeologist—possibly as a Bioarchaeologist in the Mediterranean.

Nicole Vellidis is a fourth-year undergraduate student at the University of Georgia. She is studying Classic Culture, with an emphasis on Classical Archaeology, Classic Language, with an emphasis on Latin, as well as receiving the Archaeological Sciences Certificate from the Anthropology Department. Nicole has studied abroad in Rome with the Classics’ Department Classics Study Abroad in Rome. She participated in the Azoria Archaeological Project in Crete, Greece through University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. The summer of 2018 she participated in the Astypalaia Bioanthropology Field School in Astypalaia, Greece through University College London. She has completed CURO research with Dr. Mark Abbe. Nicole currently works at the University of Georgia’s Archaeological Lab with the National Parks Service as well as assisting Dr. Laurie Reitsema with GIS Mapping for a site in Sicily. Nicole was awarded the the CAMWS Award for Outstanding Accomplishment in Undergraduate Studies for the 2017-2018 year.

William Walker, who commonly goes by Trey, is a fourth-year undergraduate student from Bainbridge, Georgia. He studies biology and anthropology with plans of attending medical school after graduation and specializing in radiology. Trey chose to study anthropology after being inspired by his ANTH 2120H professor, Dr. Mark Williams. He is involved on campus with Mathcounts and Athens Prison Tutorial. Trey enjoys reading in his spare time and would not hesitate to classify himself as a history buff. He loves to cheer on the Dawgs every Saturday.

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